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Larry Benitz

The Ice Cream ride will not start at The Grill in Sylvan Lake.  Although The Grill is a good central meeting place for breakfast, it isn’t a good location to start a ride as it would add about an hour to the rides and isn’t located near any “preferred” roads.  We’re (meaning I) am leaning toward the MOOVille Creamery, with a the ride starting in Pinkney.  Reason I’m not decided is that I developed the route but have yet to pre-ride it (no dirt roads, road closures, excessive construction & somewhat interesting.)  Pinkney has a couple of good breakfast spots.  If that route is good (or interesting & correctable), then the breakfast crowd may want to relocate Sunday’s breakfast if they wish to go on the Ice Cream Ride.

If the MOOVille route is boring or has uncorrectable issues, then an alternate destination is Cook’s Dairy Farm near Ortonville, meeting up and leaving from Milford.  I developed and pre-rode that route last week and it’s fairly good.

And it looks like I’m leading, although anyone who downloads the routes is certainly welcome to do so.