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Larry Benitz

    Bill – The Washtenaw ADV ride is pretty much dirt roads, with some pavement thrown in.  No trails or sand, a little gravel and one very short section of 2-track.  The ride is easily done with 80/20 tires.  The ADV rides are usually fairly well attended, maybe upwards of 18-20.  (We never know until the pre-ride gathering.)  We break into groups, typically “Fast” and maybe a couple of “Not So Fast”.  Everyone is encouraged to ride at their own pace, and never feel you have to keep up with other riders.  Many in the group have SENA Mesh communication.  For each group, we try to have a Mesh enabled rider at the front, announcing hazards & oncoming traffic, and at the tail to announce if someone is down, all cleared an intersection, etc.  This ride doesn’t have a formal mid-ride stop planned, but we usually pull over about 1/2 way for a butt rest and to rehydrate (bring water or Gatorade or ??)  If the end of the ride is a restaurant, many do stop for lunch.  Since it looks like we will end at the Inverness Inn on N. Territorial, I’m sure there will be a group lunch.