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Eric VanDyke

    Looking forward to meeting ole friends and new riders.

    For those interested, off the main page on this site under “Club activities and breakfast” tab. Look for the next tab “GPS files download”. There is listed the tracks we will follow to and from Maumee called “maumee-ride-2017-better”. This track will take us south on the roads directly to the riding area. After playing around off road, there is a track that will zig zag back north via county roads. Some dirt and some paved but will all be roads.

    Everyone should have enough fuel to ride south and goof around on the trails. about 120-150 range would be fine.

    I remember my first time and I was all worried and concerned about my bike set up. Don’t worry about it. Once we get there, we will discuss some techniques and suggestions. If you do not want to try it, that is OK too. The off road area is just a bunch of short loops and we will all enter and depart from the same spot. The primary purpose is to introduce off road riding on a large bike or for those not new to remember skills lost from the winter blues.

    Might be a good idea to bring some water to drink and there is an out house off the parking lot.