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Pat O’Neill

Do I need to bring gas?

– Have a full tank before arriving at the track and you should be fine.

I have some riding gear but other than a heavy leather jacket, gloves and boots I have lighter summer type nylon. Not ideal but was told that is fine.

– The leather pants, gloves and boots are good… I would however prefer to have real riding pants as well (not jeans).

I’m getting some new tires put on built for the track but I’m still getting that fear of laying the bike down. Someone feel free to calm my nerves.

– I had the same fear … and also the fear that insurance won’t likely cover damage at a track. But you start out in the novice group and they take you around the track slow to start to get a feel for it. When I went, the novice group had 4 sub groups each with their own leader/instructor so after each session you could adjust within those 4 groups to be either in a faster or slower group. They do a great job easing you into it.

I’m bringing duct tape, which makes sense now that I think about it but does anyone remove parts from their bike or have dedicated parts for track Days?

– Bring blue painters tape. You will have to mask over all your lights and reflectors. I didn’t do anything special to the bike except adjust air pressure. Adjusting tire pressure is very important and there is a tire service there that can help but bring your own tire gauge and you can use their air hose. Talk to the guys there about what is the correct pressure to use for your specific tires.

– Bring food and water. Bring a camp chair if you can.

– Consider arriving the night before – it’s an early start time. The BMW SEM dealership guys stay at a nearby hotel so hook up with them. It’s a long and tiring day especially your first time. I found arriving fresh important.