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If you venture into Northwest Ohio:


Go 75 South to Bowling Green exit at Wooster St., Rte. 64 & Rte. 105.  Turn east.

In 1.75 miles turn left/north onto 105 East.  Great ride to Oak Harbor, Ohio.  Take 163 east to Port Clinton.  At the east end of town turn left onto E. Sand Road and loop the Catawba Peninsula.  Also Marblehead, Johnson’s Island, etc.  Great scenic riding.


Another great NW Ohio ride is 23 south to Maumee, Ohio, exit US 24 west.  At this point 24 is a divided 4 lane that recently displaced the old 2 lane local route(s).

Just west of the Fallen Timbers exit stay to the right to exit into the town of Waterville.  You will go under the 4 lane netting a left exit.  Take “Old 24” through the town of Waterville and follow the Maumee River all the way to Defiance, Ohio.  As you pass through Napoleon westbound you want “424.”

Returning east on the other side of the river is nice.  Rte. 65 east from 108 near Napoleon is a good place to start.

Another great road that returns NE towards Wauseon and eventually back towards Michigan is Adams Ridge Road.  South terminus of Adams Ridge Rd. at 424 is about 1 mile west of Independence Dam State Park (also a great stop).  There is an old cemetery at the corner.  Adams Ridge becomes Twp. Rd. AC.  Take it all the way to 108.  A map will help.