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David Swan

Had two new GSAs, the first a 2016, second 2017 and put the Wilds on both after the original tires wore out. Yes the front is noisy around 60mph and noisier than the continental knobby. Two reasons I feel the Wild front is unsafe. In brief; 1) highway stability & 2) steering characteristics.
Not in brief; problem 1) The bikes were very close to oscillation, or wobble at highway speeds with the Wilds on them. It does not feel stable and damp down fast enough from little inputs. I had a major crash on the first I believe related to problems; 1) stability, problem 2) steering characteristics, & problem 3) ME, (not to mention the VIN ending in 666 & I think it was my 13th BMW). On the second bike I had the suspension set a BIT wrong coming out of the RA Woodstock rally. I am about 165, have Jesse bags & camping gear for two. The bike scared the living s_ _ _ out of me above 50mph, though I was going to die! Resetting the suspension helped some. Now I was super sensitized and more nervous about how close this behavior had been. It didn’t go away no matter what the setting (but more spring preload helped slightly, opposite of what I would expect, ESA). Tire pressures were good. Nursed it home & parked the bike until I had the front changed, asking the Wild be removed and tossed, reluctantly installing a continental knobby (my experience with the brand & bad things the company did years ago). Problem much improved (even with the Wild rear still on). Had to break it up, see next;