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Hi Larry typically we meet up at East Tawas point state park. Some arrive on Friday but typically a larger group will arrive on sat. I will be heading up on Friday. I will be leaving around 10:00 am from the Farmington hills area. Most people camp. But there are always a few that stay at the Bambie hotel on 23 just before you get to the road leading to the park.
For those that come up on Friday, on Saturday there’s a add hock group ride around the area some place depending on the weather.
The general rule was everyone went out for dinner on Saturday night at some place in town. Than after dinner we all head back to the camp to hang out around the camp fire. I will be cooking my dinner at the camp this year do to the latest conditions.
Yesterday looking at the camp site it looked like it was starting to fill up. So we reserved sites 130 & 134. And with all the travel restrictions this year I am guessing that there may be more from the club coming up this year too. Plus the weather will be really warm for this time of year compared to the years in the past. So maybe you could pick up a site too. That is if your camping too.