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Dave Allgood

For those who want to take the long way down (great name for a movie or something) lets meet at the park in Dexter across from the Dairy Queen.    I’ve managed to make a 5 hour freeway ride into a 7.5 hour backroad jaunt.  There may even be a couple of covered bridges on the way down.  There may be some gravel on the way down but not much.   Come early for coffee or goodies from Joe and Rosies coffee shop or the Dexter Bakery just down the street.  Be fueled and ready to ride at 9:00 AM.

We will ride the south route on Saturday and see 19 covered bridges.  The Sunday route is a bit shorter in case anybody wants to head home early.  We should see 12 bridges on Sunday.  There is considerable gravel on both routes, but there should be no real hero sections.

The routes will be posted in the next few minutes in the GPS forum.