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Bill G__


(Are you giving me instructions or correcting my description?) >>>>>> Neither, just trying to explain the difference between a track and a route as it pertains to your GPS.

I don’t have a NAV VI  so I can’t give you specifics on using a track on your NAV VI but per Dale above you probably have to enable the track or tracks on your GPS.

I did a quick Google on the NAV VI  tracks (see below).

A track is a recording of your path. The track log contains
information about the recorded path, including time, location,
and elevation information.

Viewing and Saving Track Information
1   Select Apps > Tracks > Active.
2   Select an option:
• To view all track segments, select All Segments.
• To view a specific track segment, select a segment.
The track is displayed on the map.
3   Select
4   Select an option:
• To save the track, select Save Track.
• To save the track as a trip, select Save as Trip.
• To view an elevation plot of the track, select Elevation”

Hopefully a current NAV VI owner will able to help you in more detail on using tracks on your NAV VI.