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Bill G__


It’s not a route with routing data, no turn by turn info, no way points, no shaping points, etc.

It’s a track.

A track is not a route so there will be no routing info.

Think of  a track as someone handing you a paper map with a magic-marker line drawn on the  map showing the path to follow. The big difference is, with a GPS you always know where you are on, or  in relation to,  that line.

If your GPS has a map that has roads or trails the fall on the track then it is easy to follow the track, if the map in your GPS doesn’t have a road or trail where the track line is then you can still follow the track line but is it more difficult to keep on track.

A route gives you turn by turn info, distance to turn info, waypoints, shaping points, riding guidance.

A  simplified  explanation is: a track is just a basic line to follow with no guidance.