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Mike E

Traditionally, we have a ride up on Friday.  Meeting at Uncle John’s Cider Mill on 127 in St. John north of Lansing.  You can either ride on the road, or there is an advanced Off-Road option that goes from Evart to Interlochen.

Saturday, most people ride around the Leelenau Pennisula for the day.  Some will hit the off-road trails.

There are informal dinners that occur when everyone is ready to eat on Friday and Saturday nights.  The HofBrau in Interlochen is normally on Friday, then another restaurant on Saturday, or a pizza delivery to the campground.  Hard to say how a big group would be received this year.  I would expect, we will have to break into small groups if people are interested in going to a restaurant.  We’ll see.

We’ll need to take it as it comes, and be flexible in our approach.  We’ll have fun!  I look forward to riding.