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Larry Benitz

Thanks for all the tips and advice.  My main interest is those ADV rides Mike mentioned that stick to dirt roads.  I don’t intend to be a full-on off roader, but do like dirt roads and two-tracks.  I went with the GSA because it cost about the same as a GS, once the GS was properly up-fitted.  Also, the prevailing opinion on the web is that the GSA provides better weather protection as you’re behind the big tank and larger windscreen.  I went “new” because I believe/hope the technology will help prevent me dropping the bike too often.

I do “which way” a lot, and want to be able to continue on when the road turns dirt – something I was never comfortable with on my K16GTL.  I’m 60, overweight and wise enough to know don’t belong in serious off road – I don’t bounce or heal as well as I did in my motocross days (4 decades ago.)  All that said, I will look into RawHyde & BMW in SC.  Thanks again.  I hope to see you on the road soon.