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Larry:  I wouldn’t worry about buyer’s remorse.  I bought a used 2005 1200GS back in September, 2009 and have never regretted it.    I don’t know if the new 1250’s are better/worse for fuel range, but my ’05 GS can do 180 miles per tank easily and I have stretched it to 220.   The GSA would push this range up closer to 300.  That is great for long trips, but largely worthless on a group ride unless you all have the big tanks.   We typically joke and call the GSA’s the “Exxon Valdez” and the backup fuel supply for the smaller bikes.

Also, I know that my butt is usually ready for a break after 180 miles.

My comment on the sand was answered by Jeff H: it is all about the tires.  The big GS is fine on any sandy Michigan trail with the right tires.   Having said that – I would not recommend trying these trails alone.  Any of these bikes are a chore to pickup yourself.   That is what the club is for!

Also: I have all three sizes: 2018 310GS, 2003 F650GS and the ’05 1200GS – all setup for adventure rides.  Hit me up with a message if you would like to take a spin on any of them.