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OK – third try;

The Slack channel is a bit of an experiment to find a way to share information without the overhead of supporting the website.  It is NOT a good solution!  It has file space limits that would prevent it from offerring the same GPS file/photo archive of the forum website.  Uncorking the memory limitation requires every user to pony up for a $6/month membership.  Not an ideal alternative – but helpful for chat.   As such, I’ll try to help as I can to keep the key details aligned between the Slack channel and this forum thread.

Per Mike E, the plan is to stick with Cycle-Moore this year as it is a known commodity and other camp grounds aren’t fully back online.  Those rough edges are likely what keeps it open for a flexible-sized group, like the BMWTCD.     Perhaps we can try out a new place next year, or for the Color Tour….   I expect a few of us will arrive on Thursday evening and stake out a BMWTCD camping area.