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Larry Benitz

Thanks guys.  Since I haven’t found a used GS I like, I have decided to just buy a new 1250 with all the bells and whistles (from Jen at BMWSEM).  From your replies, it sounds like I need to just see which model fits me better and buy it (adding engine bars & luggage racks if it’s a GS.)  However, other data leaves me a bit conflicted.  Reviewing the pics of past club rides (where it looks like most ADV riders have GSAs, aluminum panniers and 50/50 tires) and Chris R.’s post about the longest day ride (“I’ve seen guys try this with big GS and near-street tires and end up very frustrated.”) I’m still a waffling over GS vs GSA.  If most members are somewhat over-equipped for club rides, do they do also serious dual-sport/off-road rides? (Sound like fun!!)

Sorry to be a pest, but I’m about to drop upwards of $27K (with Nav VI and panniers) and would like to minimize potential buyer’s remorse.  Thanks again! (I hope the breakfasts start soon so I can talk to the members.)