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Mike E


Sorry about the oversight on the calendar.  I wasn’t aware the Tuesday night event was listed in Ypsilanti until after we got there.  The last TWO club newsletters had it scheduled in Plymouth and no one brought the discrepancy to our attention.

Breakfast timing has been a problem for years, and honestly I think we should discontinue them.  A few members started making a sport out of trying to eat and leave prior to the start time, and they have been unworkable since.  They don’t work for new members or anyone who chooses to follow the schedule.  Perhaps we can let the early breakfast crew just informally schedule them on their own.  (Actually, Pinckney is the only breakfast that runs like it should.  We should keep that one.)

I really don’t follow the rest of your comments Dave.  We use the forum, the website, and the newsletter to communicate club events.  With everything going on it’s actually rare that there are miscommunications, but they can and do happen as they did this week.  We’re just volunteers.

We do need more help.  Perhaps if we can get a couple more people involved, these oversights will be even more rare.