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Mike E

The ride will depart from the Pinckney Masonic Lodge at approx. 10:00 am.  210 Mann St, Pinckney, MI 48169.  This is our weekly breakfast location, so please plan on meeting everyone there at 9:00 for something to eat first.

There are two road routes available within the GPS forum for this ride.

For those interested in parts and gear, attached is a list of some of the items that will be available:

BMW riding boots, size 41 (Jim’s)
BMW riding boots, size 39 (Ruth’s)

Dryrider rainsuit
2 Belstaff jackets
BMW jacket
Men’s jacket liner
Moto rainsuit (Men’s lg)
KLM jacket
Olympia jacket
Gerbing heated liner jacket

Aerostitch –size 30 waist

White Shoei
Metallic gray (brand?)
Like new Arai metallic gray helmet – Lg
Older HJC Ex-lg
Older Arai
Several helmet liners

Cold weather gear
Two cold weather neckerchiefs
Cold weather riding dickie

13 pair miscellaneous type & style

Corbin seat for KRS (early ‘90s?)
Turn signal parts (for GS?)
2 2.75 x 3.00-21 tubes (new)
2 dirt bike tires (new)
4 spark plugs
Misc. parts (bulb, tire gauge, tank bag document holder, etc)

2 wheel chocks
Reamers for patching tire holes
2 first aid kits
Small dirt bike holder
Harper-Chase soft rear bag
1 soft Eclipse tail bag
2 Battery Tenders
Motorcycle Journal
1 sleeping pad for camping