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Bill, I bought BMW’s version of the Garmin Montana. It came with the powered cradle that plugged right into my F800GSA. Came loaded with all sorts of features. I’m somewhat new to the GPS thing as well, and haven’t had any others to compare it too. But, so far I like it. Bought it off of Amazon from MAX BMW. Price was $400, and included a pack of M & M’s! I heard that MAX BMW always includes a pack of M & M’s with online orders.

One thing with this model, is that you can take it off the bike and use it as a “Handheld” GPS if you hike, or hunt or whatever. Dual purpose.

One thing, this unit did NOT come with the bracket (2nd photo) to mount the cradle to the bike, and was an extra $104. Wasn’t happy about that, but that’s the way it is.