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Yes the thumb run is coming up soon, 9/8 & 9/9 to be per-sis. All are welcome. I am going to head up on Friday and as usual I will be trying to get a site around # 120. I attached a copy of the camp map from 2015 when we stayed in this same area for those not familiar with the camp ground. Some people share there site with other TCD members and other’s just get there own site. Not too many people get a motel room for this weekend. But if you want to I am sure there are plenty to choose from near town. In the past a few have rented a cabin in the state park too.  Like Mike mentioned it’s up to each individual to cover there cost of the camp site weather you share a site or get your own.

As for the departure to go up to Port Cresent Saturday morning , because I am leaving on Friday I will not be leading a ride Saturday. But in the past we have typically meet at Kirby’s on Woodward and either took the road up or the dirt up. In the past departure time has been around 9:30 am. So if any one wants to lead a ride please add to this post to update the group.

As Mike mentioned in his response we typically eat breakfast down in Port Crescent on Saturday and Caseville on Sunday morning. And as for dinner there have been a few places in the area where the group will go out for dinner, tbd Saturday night at the camp.  We typically leave for dinner around 5-5:30. Than after dinner we all head back to camp and hang out around the camp fire. Provided enough of us pick up some fire wood on the way back from dinner will determine how big the fire is that night.

It’s always a good turn out for the TCD club at Port Cresent State Park. So hope to see you there.



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