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Craig….Yea many twisties but they are not extremely long….and not difficult….speed ridden is entirely up to each rider.  Paved roads on these section are near perfect  IMO

The difficult section is challenging but I am sure doable by any of us….you go slow and it is fairly short….as I remember, it has a small break and then picks back up so you are not on a continuous “step grade” the entire length.

Doing it in 6 days sounds perfect…..we pushed it (especially 1st day) to make it in 4.5 days.   6 days will allow many more “pics” and “smelling the flower” moments.

Camping spots along the way were more than adequate….although my standards are not too high.

Food was easy to come by… one “starved” during the ride, that is for sure!

Only rule we need to enforce is “No falling off a cliff”  (Thank Zach & Jeff H. for this)

Guarantee everyone will enjoy the route…..promise all will be smiling during and after riding.