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Jeff H

Dual Sport / Adventure tracks are posted in the GPS Forum.  Below are my notes.

Greg Crago and I put together the tracks using our active tracks from last year, and our “best guess” at what roads will be open.

Cliff Notes:

Tracks are labeled in order from 01 – 04.

  • Day one is magenta tracks 1-2
  • Day two is cyan tracks 3-4
  • Anything in green is an alternative route

Day 1

  • Trk 1 includes RACO field. Not sure if this site will be open for tourism
  • Trk 1: There is an Alt route to Whitefish Pt for site seeing (11 miles one way)
  • Lunch
    • Brown’s Fish House in Paradise is my favorite stop for lunch
    • Fresh Coast Cafe is an excellent sub place just south of the intersection in Paradise
    • There’s food at Tahquamenon Falls, however there was a line to get in the park last yr
  • Trk 2: Rainbow Lodge / Mouth of Two Hearted River: The main route does not go through this area. There is a green alt route called “Rainbow Lodge” that is much more mundane than the sand hell we did last year.

Day 2

  • Trk 3: The bridge over the West Branch Fox River is pretty much done and is closed. So I’ve routed east of that and over a bridge on the Fox River. If that bridge is not passable then there are two alternative routes to try. None of these have been proofed.
  • Trk 4: east of 117 are all roads through private land. I’ve included routes that were proofed last year and my best guess at what would be open. No guarantees. If nothing has changed since last year then these should all be open.