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Paul O

For those considering the MABD, Brian Much “Cannonshot” has completed his ride report of the MABDR  See post 14248 above.  A good read for those considering this.  In addition he has posted his version of the track along with many waypoint warnings etc , along wit the original track. May be worth a look for those doing it this summer.  His notes below

Here is a GPX with over 400 waypoints for everything from water crossings to points of interest. The primary track we rode is contained in the first 15 track segments of 500 or less points each so they will work on many early model GPS units that only accept 20 tracks of 500 points or less. I also included the May 2018 version of the MABDR tracks from the MABDR website (in dark gray) in this GPX for easy comparison so people can see the differences between my trip track and the standard BDR track. Those 15 tracks are mostly greater than 500 points each. Not sure how many would want to follow my exact path but the information and waypoints will be useful nonetheless. This includes Paebr 322’s recommended path in the Michaux (thank you). As a reminder, always get the current base track from the MABDR website so that your ride would include all the most recent changes to the path based on closures or other reroutes. This should be a useful reference to other riders since it contains a lot of information about the basic route itself. Hope it proves helpful to many.”