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Bill G__

It’s covered above but here is a basic step by step for a Windows computer/

On a Windows computer– To download and open/use the route/

Right click on Oakland-ADV-2018.GPX route in this thread,
then left click “save target as”,
then in the box that opens up look for the  “File Name” box near bottom,
then in the “File Name” box add .GPX after the Oakland-ADV-2018 (should then read Oakland-ADV-2018.GPX,
then in the “save as type box” click the little down arrow on the right hand side and change the save as type to “All Files”

Note in top address bar WHERE it is going to be saved (so you can find it), or change it to the place on your computer that you want to save it to. Pay attention to WHERE it is being saved or you will be looking all over  your computer for it.

Then click on the save box.

That should put the route file at the place that you saved it to called  (Oakland-ADV-2018) with a BaseCamp looking icon.

Just double left  click on that (Oakland-ADV-2018) file and it should open Base Camp with the route & tracks Oakland-ADV-ride already in it.