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The bike is great off-road! Had it down at March Moto Madness in TN and loved it. Much lighter than F800GS, so its easier to handle and more capable when it gets gnarly.

However, its also not as comfortable on-road for the same reasons its better off-road. I am finishing up installing a Britannia Composites Lynx R fairing with top/bottom rally-type light, dashboard for relocated stock instrument panel and high mount gps location, as well as an adjustable windscreen which should help in the comfort department.

This first GLDS ride out to Hell & back should be a good trial of the new fairing/lighting/gps, as well as the larger footpegs (Black Dog), lowered brake pedal (Cleanspeed), and side stand enlarger (cheapy from eBay). I will probably install the Mosko Reckless 40 on the bike too so I have some luggage capacity for jacket liners, multiple gloves, etc as well as tools.