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Mike E

We will probably end up with several groups doing that ride this summer. One in July, and it sounds like September as well (keep us in the loop James if you want company).

We’re going to have a go at it on July 14-19 before the RA Rally.  We will probably have different groups for that one as well depending on desired mileage per day and how much sightseeing you want to do.

July 14 will be a one-day ride to the start of the route.

July 15-19 will be doing the MADBR to the RA Rally.

July 19-21 – Riding at RA Rally

July 21 or 22 – one / two day ride home.

We may have some start at a mid-section point vs. doing the whole route to provide an easier schedule. As more people complete the ride and post about their experiences on, we’ll learn more about what is an ideal daily mileage target and adjust from there.