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The other guys have it covered. Biggest thing to understand is that you’re not racing. You’re riding in a very controlled environment, all going in the same direction and honing your skills. You’ll leave with a newfound confidence for riding on the street. You’ll be smoother, and your rides will have reduced stress.

Nobody will care how fast you are, who you passed, or how cool you look. Everyone is there to learn, and it doesn’t matter what bike you’re on. I sometimes take my ’74 R90s, which gets passed alot. 🙂

I can say that my first track day, years ago (at Grattan), is the one that changed my whole approach to riding. I used to hold on to the handlebars like vise grips, and incorrectly assumed that because I had 100,000 miles under my belt, I must know what I’m doing. I was wrong.

Some of us come up the night before and camp on the infield (free), so I’ll have an air compressor, tools, etc., if needed.

Also, consider reading up on Reg Pridmore’s, Smooth Riding the Pridmore Way. It’s a great book and will get you in the right mindset for learning. I have a copy I’ll be happy to loan to you.

PM me if needed.

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