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That’s sad. Yes, its early in the season, and we got to remember our motorcycle mindset as we take to the roads. I went for a ride the other day, and before I left, I sat and thought about all the safety items I could think of before I left the driveway.

I still think way to many riders just don’t get it when we/they say “Make yourself as visible as possible to others on the road”. Its one of the very first things they teach in the Rider Training courses, yet so many just don’t care about it.

I still remember my training class, the first day was classroom, and the second day was the riding section of the class. On the second day when we all showed up, the instructor asked everyone to raise their helmets up so he could see them. He says “Well, I see only two riders who followed directions from yesterday”. Only two of us had helmets of high visibility, one white and one Hi-Vis. 32 students in the class, and 30 had black jackets and black helmets. No lie! Higher visibility clothing is not a guarantee against an accident, but it does help and increases your odds of people seeing you better.

Be safe everyone!