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Bill G__

A couple 3 thoughts on mounting your GPS.

The Montana 600/610 GPS can be used in either portrait or landscape orientation. Both orientations have their uses and preferences so until you determine what mounting  you would  like to use don’t commit to a fixed mounting position cradle mount. Here is where the RAM ball mounting shines as it allows selective angles and rotations as easy as turning a wing nut.

If you mount the GPS in a good location, one  that your helmet will easily cover, then you can just toss the helmet over the GPS for a quick potty stop, lunch break, etc. Out or sight = out of mind.

On the wire length, if you are going to solder in a wire length then you might  add a small 150 terminal inline connecter up near the cradle as that makes cradle  removal quick and easy.

You  might also want to consider where you get the GPS power from.  The connector under the false fuel tank cover is computer controlled so goes on and off with the key with a time delay for shutdown. Is this something that your really want?  You can set the GPS up to remain on using internal battery but this brings on it’s own issues. If the GPS goes off with the key at every potty stop or roadside key off stop   then you lose your track continuity  and have to  reboot at key back on.

If you hook the GPS to 12v fused battery direct the GPS remains on as long as it is in the cradle and turned on. You will probably remove the GPS at night and when leaving the bike unattended for long periods so motorcycle battery run down is not an issue. It is just something to think about. Personally I power all my motorcycle GPS units as battery direct  so I can leave it powered for an entire day trip, turn it off manually if I want, remove it from the cradle and power it on internal battery, or simply unplug the inline connector near the cradle and shut the entire shebang down.

Don’t get in a hurry to get your new toy mounted, put some thought into how you will use it, best way to power it for your intended usage, best rotation orientation for your intended usage, and  this could depend on if you ride north up or track up.  Mounting rotation can also depend on how many  info bars you  have  on the sides or top blocking the mapping and route. Personally I tend to ride in landscape orientation for hiway and road use but use portrait for off road or back roads.

If you start with the RAM ball mounting you can play with mounting locations and mounting orientations until you find the best that works for your requirements. Then if you decide to solid mount you will have a good idea on exactly what you will  need and where you need it.