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Ok, so my BMW GPS arrived today. It is the Garmin 600 with the BMW name on it. It came with a Garmin powered cradle that has the BMW connected already installed. But, the wire is to short to reach the connector under the battery cowl if mounted on the GSA crossbar? Go figure. So I’ll have to solder in some wire to get the length I need. That’s no big deal.

Now, I need to figure out mounting the cradle to the 1/2” crossbar? I have RAM mounts which I could use, but want to see if BMW has a bracket that clamps to the crossbar in which to mount the cradle to it. Touratech has a locking cradle that mount that bolts to the bar, but they are out of stock and they don’t know when their going to get more in. I’ll stop by the dealer tomorrow to see if they can look up a bar mount for this cradle. Wish me luck!