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Thanks to ‘Nobody’, you can now download a MAPSET that contain ALL ROADS, which means you can now BUILD a ROUTE for this entire ride.

Copy this file to your GPS’s \Garmin folder (I use the external memory)

When you boot BaseCamp, give it a many minutes to find and load the map. Use your MapSet Pulldown (enable this option, if you dont see it)  and then you will see a NEW MAPSET (Candy-Cane, as some members call it) Dirt roads are very WIDE, so active Routes can be overlaid and you can still see the linetype.

If every rider does this, we will all be using the same map. Remember to SHOW TRACKS (pick bright color, like GREEN [not DARK GREEN). and after you build a Route, you will have MAGENTA Route as well. If you SEE GREEN TRACK pop out from the ROUTE, FOLLOW THE TRACK (you messed up on bulding the Route, or your crappy GPS recalculated the Route and screwed it up)