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The world is filled with good people, Dave.

Many years ago my older brother and I were doing the L. Superior Circle tour and after breaking camp at our site in Minnesota, we rode into town for breakfast. It was unusually hot that morning, so i decided to strap my leather jacket to the seat. Of course, it had departed once we got there. We rode back and forth along the route, but couldn’t find it.

I get home about a week later, and decided to call some of the towns that we were near that morning. I get hold of the local police in Silver Bay, MN and sure enough, they have a lost and found and someone turned my jacket in. They put me in touch with the guy who found it and in three days it was in my hands. The guy wouldn’t take payment of any kind and was just happy to have it returned. I remember him mentioning that he had lost his wallet years before with a large sum of money in it, and it was returned, so he was just continuing the tradition so to speak.

I’m convinced people are inherently good. It’s just we hear about the evil far too often and it clouds our outlook sometimes.


Rick G