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I forgot to mention in my last post that on Sunday morning Jack Johnson and I headed up to whitefish point too. Saturday night Jack suggested seeing that the weather was so nice we should head up to the origin of the Edmonds Fiz too. So we did. You couldn’t have asked for a better weekend to take that ride. There was absolutely zero wind crossing the big mac. Let me tell you I really don’t like crossing that bridge. Or any big bridge either. But this weekend was perfect to do that. Well we got up there about 4:00 pm. And we walked on the beach a bit took some pictures and started to head back down south. When we got back to Paradise I notice a motel that was still open and I suggested that instead of trying to hurry back to the bridge before it got dark why don’t we just spend the night in Paradise. So we did. Monday morning when we woke up it was 45 deg. And another really nice day for the ride home. Probably will not see another weekend like this for a while why not take advantage of it when you can. So what started out to be a potential bust turned out to be a great weekend.