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Slow and very careful seems to be the key to getting the old grip covers off without doing  great damage to the heating elements.

I did both my 1100r and 1150rt with no real damage to the heating elements but it seemed to take forever to get the old ones off without damage.

I would imagine there are a few ways that will work successfully, what worked good for me was to put the bike out in the hot sun for a couple of hours then move it into the shade to work.

I started on the inside edge and  slowly rolled the old grip cover back as I carefully cut  or slit the grip cover as it rolled along. Just be ultra careful to not cut too deep or roll the grip cover too far without cutting it first.

I used a few, new, sharp, single edge razor blades to do the job,  switching to a new one at the first sign of difficulty cutting cleanly. If it doesn’t want to cut cleanly or smoothly try some glass cleaner on the  cut as you go along.

On both my 1100 and 1150 it took 2 right hand side new grip covers as the grip heater on the clutch side makes the bar larger.

I used hair spry to install the grip covers on the first set I did and that seemed to work good, they held up fine. On the second bike I used actual motorcycle grip adhesive as I had some laying around  from another project.

You might find that you will pull some of the grip heater element protective film loose as you roll the grip cover back. My 1100 grip covers came right off with no damage. On my 1150 I did pull some of the protective film loose so repaired those areas with a thin layer of high temperature urethane epoxy then allowed it to dry toughly before installing the new grip covers.

Not a highly technical job but kind of fiddly.