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I will be LEAVING Uncle Johns Ceder Mill (N of St Johns) @ 10am sharp. If you want Cider and donuts, show up sooner. It will be a ‘slab ride’ to Evert and then the Sand trails (fun) begins. It will take the rest of the day to get to the campsite, we will be in before dark, so you can setup your tent. This ride goes deep into the woods and the TRACK is accurate. If you are using City Navigator Maps, you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CREATE A ROUTE, because all of 2 tracks do NOT exist in CN maps. If your GPS can handle CUSTOM WAYPOINTS you can try the MONTANA file and copy it into your CUSTOM SYMBOL. If you want to see the custom symbols in BaseCamp, follow the directions in my 1st post and use the

You DO NOT NEED ANY GPS, we will ride within visual sight of each other. It is a good experience to follow a TRACK off road to hone you navigational skills.