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It really was a good trip. Mark Mathes and I planned on riding our R90s’s up but after a rain soaked ride from the Owosso Vintage Festival and with the forecast looking wet we both decided, modern tires, ABS brakes might be the better decision. We met at Kerby’s and found Jim M and Mike Eckstein finishing up.

Mark and I tried to do the traditional route up through Leonard but numerous detours had us on quite a few wet, sloppy dirt roads. We still had a great ride up and stopped in Owendale at a gas station where the pretty young patron was all blushed about the Octagon Barn down the road. “oh you fellers just HAVE to go! you just have to. why they gots water power demonstrations, log splitting apple cider, elepha……” Whoa, I said to myself. When some place out in the middle of nowhere has elephants, I just know it has to be crammed with too many people. Mark and I decided to put in on the back burner for Sunday’s ride home…maybe.

Camping was great. Made me wonder where all the regular’s were. Grub, Jack Johnson, Glenn Brechner were sorely missed.

After the Fireside dinner, Mark and I rode over to the Ice cream place everyone else was raving about and it didn’t disappoint.

Sunday morning found Dave McFall, Mark and I at Walt’s diner in Caseville. We even inquired about Ruth Ann, the waitress famous for her dirty mind and quick wit. “hey girls, get these boys so stuffed that when they hit the floor, they’re mine”, was a quote I remember from year’s back on a run up to Port Austin. Many TCDer’s will be happy to know that Ruth Ann is retired and spinning her wit at the local nursing home, much to amusement of many new boyfriend’s.

We DID decide to check out the Octagon house, but after we witnessed the 2,000 cars, the parking fiasco, (Payment please!) and the endless tractors pulling wagons filled with tourists from the overflowed lots to the circus type atmosphere, we decided to just twist the throttle.

Many thanks to Dave DeCook for the firewood. Hopefully next year we’ll so a little more familiar faces in attendance.

Rick G