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Well the thumb run has come and gone again. Friday when I arrived at the camp site it was sunny and mild in the mid 70’s. After I setting up camp I went for a nice long swim and the water was just right. By the time I came back to the tent Dave Swan was just arriving. An hour or so later Steve Miller and Dale Estes showed up too. And after they set up camp we hung around for a bit than we headed down the Port Austin for some dinner. And after dinner we found an ice cream parlor than had some great ice cream. And let me tell you the serving sizes were gigantic. We were definitely full when we left there. And when were got back to the camp Dave McFall was also coming back from dinner too.

And rumor has it that it rained most of the day Saturday in the Detroit metro area. Well I am here to say that we did not see much rain all day up at Port Cresent. Let me clarify this, it did drizzle a very little bit about 10:00 am. Than at 4:00 pm the sky opened up on us for about 1/2 hr.  And when that big cloud passed by it stopped raining but the rest of the night it was pretty windy. And according to Mark Mathew, Rick Griffith and Jim Micallef it rained most of the way up for them. They were pretty muddy when they arrived at the camp. After they had time to set up camp we all went to dinner at the Fireside Inn. The Inn is just down the road from the camp ground. After dinner we came back to camp and hung out around the fire having a grand old time. I am sure all that were there would save it was another successful Thumb run.

Hope to see you there next year. I know I’ll be going hope you will too.