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Mike E

I just talked to the school.  Currently, the Sept 2-3 session is wide open (no registrants), so that is a great option.

Also, they would be willing to add a little extra sand training, etc. to prepare everyone for the Northern Michigan trails if people would want.

Who would be in for a Sept 2-3 school?

For anyone interested here is a quick summary:

The trip would be most fun with a ride over on Thursday, Sept 1st, attending the riding school on Fri/Sat, then riding home on Sunday the 4th. It’s possible to ride back after the school on Saturday, but that makes for a long day. It is about a 300 mile ride to the school. It’s about a 5-1/2 hour drive taking the freeway, or a couple hours longer to take the Lake Huron/Georgian Bay route which is more scenic.

You can use your own bike, or rent one of theirs.

I attended earlier this year, and it was a lot of fun. They teach the BMW 2-Day Off-Road Curriculum which is the same as South Carolina, or RawHyde from what I understand.

The website link to the school is:

The school is located at a ski resort, so there are the typical ski-resort type of amenities onsite at the Horseshoe Resort.   As of Aug. 5th, there was a lot of available rooms.  They have a special rate for BMW school attendees. It is only available online (not on the telephone) via this link:

There is also a KOA campground located about 4 miles down the road.

While this is not specifically a BMW TCD event, it would be fun to have a big group ride over from the area and attend the school.