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Mark Sanford

I burn my headlights and aux running lights night and day. Like you, I was changing expensive incandescent headlights every three to four months or so due to rough roads and the heat they created. It was getting costly and I was always carrying a spare bulb for they always had a way of burning out at night or in the middle of nowhere. Last year I changed over the three incandescent headlights of my ’08 GT to Hi intensity LED’s. Been in over a year and a half with no issues. They came from here:

They have paid for themselves over incandescent lighting and the results are super with no issues with canbus. I also run Twisted Throttle LED Denali 2 lamps, also proven great longevity.

The technology is better each month and there are bulbs for every budget. Just google search or check out some of the sport touring our moto adventure forums on the LED’s.