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Craig G

I can’t make this, but during my last trip to VT for the MSTA STAR rally, I had lots of issues with the GPS routes I created using Basecamp not being the same once downloaded to the GPS and called up on the GPS to run the route.

When you change the “shaping point” notification in Basecamp (so it doesn’t announce once you’ve reached the individual shaping points)  does that affect how the route is then calculated by the GPS? I turned off notification on all intermediate shaping points and when the route was calculated by the GPS when I ran the routes, the routes were much different. I also created tracks after creating the routes in Basecamp, so I did have them as they were supposed to be, but just didn’t initially have the tracks turned on. Very frustrating!!!

On a related note; if you created the tracks the way you wanted and then created a route from the track, would it create the route to exactly follow the track?



Craig Grissom