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All hail the new webmaster! I believe that BMW TCD is quite lucky to have Dale step up and volunteer for this task. The website and forum have been one of the steady highlights of the club over the years, and it truly is time for new hands at the wheel. Dale is a nice guy, has website development experience, and, most importantly as far as I’m concerned, he is a skilled amateur photographer who has an excellent eye for good imagery and composition. Check out some of his efforts at and you’ll see what I mean.

In just the short time since Dale and I talked at Ruth’s in Williamston a few weeks ago he has already gone to work and started prototyping a new website for the club (don’t worry, the URL you’ve used all these years,, will continue to work when the new site goes live). He has brought his web skills and excellent eye to the new site, and the pages look very nice indeed. I think everyone will be pleased with the new look and capabilities that Dale will bring to our web presence.

So be sure to support Dale in his efforts to freshen up our presence on the web, and be sure to say ‘Hi’ and ‘Thanks!’ when you see him.

Y’all can start planning my TCD webmaster retirement party any day now…