Detroit Urban Tour

We started out at Los Galenes Restaurant where somewhere about twenty of us met for breakfast.

This was my first visit to Detroit’s Mexican Town and I was impressed with how vibrant a community it is.  Our group gathered in the outside seating, but it wasn’t long before the inside seating was filled with bikers—the non-motorized kind. Evidently, Los Galenes is a well known and well used watering hole.

After breakfast, we broke up into smaller groups.  We rode through a quiet and clean center city, up Jefferson Ave, to Belle Isle.  The island is now a state park and you either need a pass or pay $7.00 to enter. However, the rangers were fairly casual about entering. I have the state park pass, purchased with my last license renewal, so the ranger asked if everyone behind me had a pass and I said, “Sure” , so she waved everyone through!  We rode some quiet roads past kayakers, picnickers, and the Detroit Yacht Club, with a short stop in the conservatory parking lot  for a break and to cool off a little—it was starting to get hot and approaching the 90 degrees promised for the day.

A quick ride up Grand Boulevard led us past decaying neighborhoods and through prairie like areas with a home or two surrounded by vacant land.  Then stops at the old Packard plant, symbol of the City’s decline and decay, and the Heidelberg Project.

It would have been wonderful to ride those couple of streets before so much of it had been lost to arsonists; Still, a vibrant couple of streets with a lot of visitors while we were there.

A quick ride across Woodward through the Boston Boulevard area and its elegant homes rivaling anything in the Pointes or Oakland County and finally finishing at the Fisher Building and a chance for a cold drink and conversation before breaking up and going our separate ways.

A great ride with a lot left for next year.  A thought:  Why not put one of the restaurants in Mexican Town on the Sunday itinerary?

-Marv Stasak

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