All Clubs Ride – 2019

After a couple of weeks of off and on rain, we finally got a break and Sunday turned out to be perfect riding weather.

A group of seven club members met at The Pinckney Diner around 10:00 and had breakfast. Afterwards, it was off to the Stockbridge town square.

This isn't the official All Clubs Day, which is in September, it's more of an informal gathering. Not as many bikes, but still some interesting rides to see.

For some of the group, it was the first ride of the season after getting their bike out of hibernation. After wondering around for awhile, judging the rides, the group broke up and went their separate ways.

I ended up doing one of my favorite rides in the area, looping around Jackson prison and back towards Pinckney. Couldn't have asked for a better day of watching and riding motorcycles.

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