All Clubs Day – 2018

The September All Clubs Day in Stockbridge always seems to be blessed with good weather, and this years was no exception.  Mid 80's and almost no clouds.  There was a great turn out at the Pinckney Masons Hall for breakfast.

After breakfast, I counted at least 40 bikes, and a couple had already left by the time I got out. There were planned dirt routes and there was a big GS turnout.  They broke up into a couple of groups and headed out to Stockbridge.  The street riders mostly made their own way out.

The amount of bikes that showed up was amazing.  All the usual clubs were there and you got to see some beautiful bikes on display.  The BMW section in front of the club and the BMW Motorcycles of Southeast Michigan section filled up early on.

There was also a variety of other rides there as well.

As the day progressed, the streets started filling up with more and more bikes, a beautiful sight to see.

Nothing beats a nice sunny day and lots of motorcycles, looking froward to next year's event.


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