Soar & Ride 2018

August 26th was the clubs first Soar & Ride.   Dave Finch is a flight instructor at the Sandhill Soaring Club in Gregory Michigan. We had a barbecue and Dave arranged to get club members a special rate for glider flights.  We had a fairly good turnout despite the 90+ degree weather. John from BMWMSEM showed up as well, it's always great to have him attend one of our events.

I think there was three or four members that took a ride.  Our glorious leader went first, but they had to get out the "cargo" glider to fit him.

He ended up having to take his boots off in order to fit in the cockpit.  Then Pat O'Neill went up in one of the sleeker ones.

Then J.P. Vos went for a flight.

It was a great day for hanging out and watching the planes and gliders take off and land.  The only way to make it better if it had been just a bit cooler.

Here's a video highlight of the day.

We'll see if this event makes the calendar next year.

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  • August 24, 2019 at 9:38 am

    Weather looks good for Sunday SOAR and RIDE … click for more Soaring Club details
    John G Harte
    Chief Flight Instructor

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