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    I see some medium bikes in there.  And one weirdo with a TW. haha


    Darryl Smith

    I will be bringing my 690 enduro. Looking forward to it.


    Paul O

    Updated attendee list.  For sxxt’s and Grins did an average of the displacement of all the current bikes, comes in at 710 (with Erics 350 now).  Perhaps us 690/800 Riders are on to something.

    We may want to get cell phone numbers of all participants




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    Eric VanDyke

    Correction on the average. I am listed as riding my big bike. I am planning the baby bike (350) unless I do not get the timing chain tensioner reset. Struggling with sacrificing the new Evens Coolant I added this year.


    Kevin Gao

    Paul, I took your data and filled in some of the cell#s I have.
    Everyone can use the following link to check-in and share info


    JP Vos

    JP Vos 12488857844


    Jeff H

    Tracks now added to the GPS forum, here: http://bmwtcd.org/forums/topic/2017-up-adventure-tracks/



    Craig Renneker

    Another thing to consider: groups and communication.   It worked well on the Washtenaw ride and last fall’s Color Tour.  With small groups and the lead/trailing guys with radio communication, we were able to keep us all together and deal with falls/breakdowns, etc.    The old school “watch for the guy behind you” also works well, but can be tricky if the group is large and we have lots of dust.    For the record: I enjoyed being the “sweep” guy on those rides.

    I think many/most of us have Sena units – so we should be able to pair up as needed.   I added a column to the phone/bike list to track who has what.



    Jeff H

    Good point Craig. Not sure about the Sena thing since sometimes we get spaced out beyond the range, and I like to listen to music. With 16 of us I’m thinking three groups would be ideal. Maybe pick a spot in Paradise to meet for lunch. I’m partial to Brown’s Fish House, but that cafe would work too.

    For groups I’m thinking the following:

    • Group 1: Spirited small bike group (I wouldn’t mind trying to ride trail on my R12GS)
    • Group 2: Intermediate mix group (expect 25-35mph on trail, 45-55 on dirt roads, +5 or so on road)
    • Group 3: Scenic site seeing group

    Might be able to combine groups 2 and 3, or at least stay together at major intersections.

    For lunch:

    Option 1: Go to Paradise and eat at:

    • Silver Creek Grill &Pub (before Paradise), or
    • Fresh Coast Cafe (in Paradise), or
    • Brown’s Fish House (in Paradise, fresh fish until they run out), or
    • Tahquamenon Falls Brewery (after Paradise)

    Option 2: Skip Paradise all together. Then either eat at:

    • Silver Creek Grill & Pub (before), or
    • Tahquamenon Falls Brewery (after)



    Craig G

    I am adding a Sena mount to my dirt helmet, so I will have communication capability for this trip. Sena SMH10.

    With regards to route and dinner options; I have no opinion since I have very limited time in the UP. I will go along with whatever the groups decides.

    Craig G


    Eric VanDyke

    I have Sena on my helmets now. Heading up Friday around noonish.

    Hauling my bike but cannot make up my mind which one to ride. I know I’ve said 350 but not I am waffling…




    I have the same issue….not sure if I should take the BMW F800 or the Harley FLHP.  😉

    Probably will just go with the BMW……If I take the Harley you guys probably won’t be able to hear each other on your Sena’s over my exhaust system noise.  Of course that means if I take the Harley I will never get “lost” in the woods…..just have to follow the “oil trail” back to my starting point.


    Eric VanDyke

    Looks like one of the “Tiger 800” guy’s is coming up but will not follow the trails. He’s doing the tarmac.

    JP and I are trailering up Friday. Will leave around noon from Milford area.  I have room for one more bike. One in the bed and 2 on the trailer.

    I still cannot make up my mind on which ride.


    Jeff H

    Are people still finding hotels? I don’t know that there will be spare room at the Superior, those are small rooms and it’s a house owned by a family.

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