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    Jeff H

    Friday night (Aug 25th) is the Pines Motel in St. Ignace. I reserved the 5 doubles. There’s still some singles left (906) 643-9250, or call the Cedars across the street for a double (906) 643-9578

    For Saturday Night (Grand Marais, MI):

    Trying something different this year. I rented out some rooms at the Superior Hotel (906-494-2539), which is right next the two pubs. Yes, there’s a second bar in town now! I got the only two double bed rooms ($45), and a bunk room with 4 beds ($50). These are shared bath rooms upstairs.

    Owner was super cool with having a group up, and said there is a fire pit outside for us. He even offered up a wheel chair and his mother’s walker to get people back from the pub. 🙂 There are some single bed rooms available for $40/night too. Book now if you want one!

    If this isn’t your style, then the North Shore Lodge (906-494-2361) still has 3 double rooms left ($89), but better book now!


    Jeff H

    16 responded so far. Not sure if Daryl has hotels. Hotels appear to be full.

    Saturday night at Superior Hotel: Full now, no vacancies

    • Double Rm #1: Doug + Craig G.
    • Double Rm #2: Eric + Ricardo
    • 4 bunk Rm : Craig R + Son Reis + Kevin G. + Greg Crago
    • Single #1: Me
    • Single #2: Paul
    • Single #3: Rick
    • Single #4: Shannon
    • Single #5: Gary Mayes
    • Single #6: Andrew Jones
    • Single #7: JP

    Pines on Friday Night (5 doubles reserved): Full Now – no vacancies

    • Rm 1: Me + Kevin G.
    • Rm 2: Doug + Craig G.
    • Rm 3: Paul + Ricardo
    • Rm 4: Craig R. + Son Reis
    • Rm 5: Eric V. + Greg Crago
    • Single 1: Rick
    • Single 2: Shannon
    • Single 3: Andrew Jones

    At the Cedars (across the st): Full Now – no vacancies

    • ?


    • JP

    If additional rooms are required it’s on you to reserve.



    Shannon and I have each reserved single rooms at the Pines for Friday night.

    As Shannon said on the Messenger Forum  “We want to be where all the cool kids are”.

    Looking forward to MORE SAND……..(since I have already mastered the “underwater riding skill”)




    Craig G

    Questions for those who have done this route before,

    – how much trail riding is done on Sunday from Grand Marais back to St Ignace?

    – do guys stay another night in St Ignace or bail and go home on Sunday?

    Craig G


    Gary Mayes

    I just reserved a room at Superior Hotel for Saturday.  They said that they only have one room left.


    Andrew Jones

    I called over the weekend and snagged a room at Superior too for Saturday night.  Talked to a very nice lady named Mary who seemed on top of things (said she would go back and organize her husband’s notes on what rooms had already been booked).

    I’m planning to ride my 690 up, so I booked both Friday and Sunday at Pines (I’ll need to rest up before the 6 hour ride home from St Ignace).  Is anyone else doing the same?


    Craig G

    I will be trailering/racking by 450EXC up to the UP for this ride, so will probably just power it home on Sunday evening.


    Jack Johnson

    Is there someone that has a spare bed in their room. My knee might be ready to ride by that weekend.


    Jack J


    Craig Renneker

    Any gpx files for the UP routes yet?


    Jeff H

    I updated the count to add Gary and Andrew. If anyone is considering this ride then they should really book their hotel rooms.





    Anyone not above sleeping on the floor like a hobo can crash in my room(s) if need be.


    Kevin Gao

    Jeff and I made that mistake last time. Mike Drew crashed on our floor… 😛


    Anyone not above sleeping on the floor like a hobo can crash in my room(s) if need be.


    JP Vos

    I will join the UP ride too. I am planning to trailer up on Friday and back Sunday  night. I booked the last room available at the Northernaire in St Ignace (Pines and Cedars full) and booked the last room at Superior in Grand Marais with Mary (she told me to notify the group that her last room went). Looking forward to visiting the Peninsula (never been) with the adventurers!

    Tip from Mary: black flies do bite and are more attracted by dark colors.


    Paul O

    The heck with Hotels, “watcha ridin” Here is what I am tracking.  Good mix of bikes



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    JP Vos


    You can add JP with a 1200 GS

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