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    Spring is still a way’s off, but thought I would pass this along.

    The city of Athens, OH has put together a nice set of routes in southern OH.

    “The best scenic views of S.E. Ohio are waiting for you on Ohio’s Windy 9. Nearly 1,000 miles of the best driving, best riding routes in the state. From a leisurely cruise along the OH river, to the twisty turns of State Route 555 (aka the Triple Nickel), the Windy 9 is your passport to THE authentic Ohio riding experience”.

    There are nine highlighted routes that depart from Athens and take in most of the great roads we’re familiar with.

    You can go to the website for the GPS routes as well as have traditional maps mailed to you.


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    Pat O’Neill

    Hi RG..

    Thanks for the link! For anyone interested, the overview map with all 9 routes is here:

    We had a fantastic time riding the Triple Nickel last year and hope the club decides to visit Ohio again in 2018 — some wonderful riding that is relatively close by.

    Last year we stayed in Coshocton as the home base which was fine but I’d like to see us go a bit more south this year. It would make some of these other excellent routes a bit more accessible as day rides from a closer home base.






    Craig G

    Sounds like some good street riding!


    Mike E

    We’re going to base out of Athens, OH, at the University Hotel.  We’re waiting for some info from them, but they’re excited to have us.

    It’s competitive on rates, although admittedly higher than the Downtown Motel in Cochocton (affectionately named, the ‘Downton Abbey’ by Shannon).  It’s also A LOT NICER with more amenities, bike wash, etc.

    Great street riding, and we’ll work on some dirt road stuff too.

    Will be a fun trip!

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