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    Mike E

    Anyone interested in attending Wailin Wayne weekend should register now.  There are limited spots left, they limit it to 101 entrants!


    September 6-9th in New Straightsville, OH right in the Wayne National Forest.

    There is a group of us going.

    Wailing Wayne Weekend combines 3 different styles of Adventure Riding. There are Challenging Trail Rides through WNF, both for advanced and intermediate riders… Endless miles of great county gravel roads… Hairpin twisties and woops on Ohio’s Route 555, better known as The Triple Nickel.




    I’m registered.  Went last year. It is a really great time. Just got an email saying they were over 70%. So, there are less than 30 spots left.  Doug





    Jim Micallef

    I’ Registered.  Are you riding big bikes, or taking small bikes?

    Is there a group ride down, meeting place???


    Jim Micallef



    The big bikes do really well at Wailin Wayne.  I’m taking the 1200GS.  The trails are wide and hard packed.  The off road trails are limited to about 40 miles from what I recall.  The paved roads in the area are a lot of fun too.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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