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    Hi there,

    Can someone provide some information on how the track days work? I am primarily wondering what are the motorcycle requirements, and is any special gear needed for me or the bike?

    I am thinking I can ride to the track and just jump right in on the fun with my standard bike? I suspect there is more to it?



    Pat O’Neill

    My first time was last year and I also just kind-of showed up and learned the ropes from other TCD members there.

    A few tips…

    – Bring an air gauge so you can properly set the air in your tires before getting on the track and then again when you fill them back up for the ride home. People there will help you know what the proper PSI is for your tires/bike.

    – Bring a role of blue painters tape as you will need to tape over all your lights and reflectors. You will also need to take off any side bags and/or top box you may have.

    – Get there the night before so you are well rested for the track. The dealership folks stays at a nearby hotel and you can call them and see where they are going to be. You can also camp at the track.

    – Wear all your normal safety gear you do for the street. They also rent 1 piece leathers if you feel the need for them but you would need to call the track to confirm.

    – If it’s your first time then they will put you in the Novice category and within there divide you up further into smaller groups based on experience. They do a fantastic job of easing the new guys into it – nothing to fear.

    If you have any other questions just let me know…




    Sport Bike Track Time runs the events. In addition to what Pat said, their website has good some good info:





    It sounds like fun. Hopefully I can give it a try this year.

    Thanks for the info guys!




    The other guys have it covered. Biggest thing to understand is that you’re not racing. You’re riding in a very controlled environment, all going in the same direction and honing your skills. You’ll leave with a newfound confidence for riding on the street. You’ll be smoother, and your rides will have reduced stress.

    Nobody will care how fast you are, who you passed, or how cool you look. Everyone is there to learn, and it doesn’t matter what bike you’re on. I sometimes take my ’74 R90s, which gets passed alot. 🙂

    I can say that my first track day, years ago (at Grattan), is the one that changed my whole approach to riding. I used to hold on to the handlebars like vise grips, and incorrectly assumed that because I had 100,000 miles under my belt, I must know what I’m doing. I was wrong.

    Some of us come up the night before and camp on the infield (free), so I’ll have an air compressor, tools, etc., if needed.

    Also, consider reading up on Reg Pridmore’s, Smooth Riding the Pridmore Way. It’s a great book and will get you in the right mindset for learning. I have a copy I’ll be happy to loan to you.

    PM me if needed.

    Rick G,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch



    I highly recommend track day for every rider at any skill level.  You can only improve.

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