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    Sorry to hear that Hal.


    Ethan Powsner

    I am planning on camping.  Will be riding over from Grand Rapids.  This will be my third Color Tour. Last year, I was the only street rider, but that didn’t prevent me from enjoying anything.




    Ethan, I thought I was the only street rider last year?

    The other two road riders who ended up leaving early, one Friday night, and the other early Saturday morning, were the only two other road riders I thought were there? Well shoot, could have ridden with you last year. We all stayed at the Redwood Inn.



    Well, now I have to cancel on this ride. Too many irons in the fire at one time, but a family gathering has come up last minute and I can’t miss it. Just the way it works sometimes.

    Have a great ride.


    Ethan Powsner

    Swamp. Bummer. I camped last year and I was at the breakfast “downtown” and it seemed that everyone else was going dirt.  Sorry you can’t make it this year.



    Ethan, I skipped the breakfast gathering that morning as I thought I was the only road rider, and just headed out on my own.

    Anyway, all is not lost for me yet for this ride. I’ll know more this coming weekend if I can or can’t make it. I haven’t cancelled my room reservations yet either at the Lewiston Lodge.


    Eric VanDyke

    Lukas and I rode trails from Harrison area. I need to check if I had tracks. Lukas might have them. It was a good route but we got stuck in the dark and it was more little bike friendly. Doable on the GS but need an earlier start Friday.


    Eric VanDyke

    I was planning to camp after being only person at hotel last year.

    Weather is looking good except possible ran Sunday.


    Mats Ceder

    Looks a little on the chilly side!


    Jack Johnson

    Any pavement riders planning on going? Colors should be prime, they were very nice in Saint Helen this past weekend.


    Ethan Powsner

    Jack, I’m a street rider and am planning on camping. Should be there by 5 pm on Friday.  Grey F800 ST, with sport panniers and a large Givi Topcase. If there is more than one F800 ST  at the campground, mine has a small Sasquatch mounted behind the windscreen.


    Greg Linton

    I’ve got this event on my calendar, but need to arrange some pet watching before I can commit.

    I don’t intend to take the 1090R off road this trip since I’ve got 80/20 tires on it now and will leave them on for the balance of the season. The Avon Trailriders were great on the Tail of the Dragon this past week, but probably not a good choice for really loose stuff.

    Thought about camping, but seeing lows around freezing Fri/Sat, I’m reconsidering that idea. Never tested my 3 season sleeping bag to that extreme.


    Jack Johnson

    If I go I will not be camping. Would like to find a pavement route that follows where the dirt guys go, maybe do a meet-up for lunch.


    Eric VanDyke

    Is there a Friday Route planned?



    Ha Jack give me a call if you want to ride up together. Sitting here today the weather looks promising for the weekend. It might be a bit cooler but it doesn’t look like It’s going to rain.  I plan on camping at shady Acer per the suggestion from an earlier post.


Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 34 total)

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